Learn how you can drive improved performance through actionable insights

Watch the virtual presentation of the sold-out workshop that took place during Dreamforce in San Francisco. 

This is not a session where we will talk at a high level about fancy concepts and inspirational success stories making you leave feeling great but with no tactical knowledge to actually make a difference once you get back to the office.

Revenue Pulse's in-house attribution experts, David Walker and Frederic Pinchon, will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know about effectively reporting on ROI.  

Watch this session and learn how to:

  • Build a best-in-class Marketing attribution infrastructure
  • Ensure you have your systems setup to capture rock-solid data
  • Architect Salesforce to get complete & accurate attribution data
  • Create data visualizations for an unfair advantage over the competition
  • Navigate the challenging organizational change-management waters

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David Walker


Attribution Consultant,
Revenue Pulse

Frederic Pinchon


Reporting & Analytics Consultant,
Revenue Pulse

Pierce Ujjainwalla


Founder & CEO,
Revenue Pulse

Evan Liang


Co-founder & CEO,

A Marketo Certified Expert, David lead Marketo at Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent and Halogen Software before becoming a Marketo Consultant. While client-side, he was the lead for marketing analytics, lead management, email marketing, and CRM administration. Now, he's focused on helping Revenue Pulse’s largest clients turn Marketing attribution into a strategic weapon to place analytical-driven intelligence in Marketer’s hands on what marketing campaigns drive the most pipeline & revenue.

With over 10 years in business analytics experience, Frederic is an expert in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Marketing and Sales integration, and enterprise solutions. Prior to joining the Revenue Pulse team, Frederic worked client-side at Alteryx as Director of Business Operations, where he was responsible for providing agile analytics across various lines of business and served as a trusted advisor of the CMO. He currently helps Revenue Pulse clients implement advanced attribution models and provides them with deeper insight into sales and marketing activities. A Tableau 10 certified associate, Frederic is highly specialized in helping large enterprises generate insights through the aggregation and representation of their data.

Pierce Ujjainwalla is the founder and CEO of Revenue Pulse. Until recently, Pierce was the lead consultant. Now he spends time developing the Revenue Pulse team and scaling the business to continue providing exceptional service to RP's clients. Pierce is a career marketer who has worked client-side at companies like Cognos & IBM and consulting-side with Panasonic, SAP, and NVIDIA. His passion for helping make marketers' lives easier also led him to found Knak, an enterprise email creation platform for Marketo users. 

Evan Liang founded LeanData after managing a data-cleanup project at his last company and felt the pain of cleaning CRM data by hand. Prior to LeanData, Evan was the GM and VP Products at Caring.com, where he grew a small acquisition into the company’s main business, generating over 50% of the company’s revenue over 2 years. Before Caring.com, Evan worked at Shasta Ventures, a leading venture capital firm focused on end-user-driven businesses.

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