Attribution That Works

An Unbiased Comparison Between Marketo, Salesforce & LeanData Attribution Data Sources.

Recorded on April 18, 2017


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The Ultimate Attribution Webinar

Discover how one of our clients took a different approach to determining where they should place their marketing investments. In this webinar see how we helped them understand the true influence and performance of their past marketing campaigns in order to help them make the best, data-driven decisions on where to allocate their marketing budget.

Through our unbiased comparison of Marketo, Salesforce, LeanData performs attribution and comparing the results from each source, you'll learn the differences inherent in each attribution model, and see which one provides the most accurate source of truth.

You'll gain a clear understanding of how attribution works, accurate and insightful data to make informed decisions on where to allocate their time and budget.

In this  on-demand webinar, discover:

  • The difference between Salesforce, Marketo and LeanData attribution models
  • How to identify the best-performing campaign types 
  • The actual marketing ROI beyond just first-touch and last-touch attribution
  • The "lift" their campaigns were giving in addition to the direct influence of an opportunity
  • The influence campaigns were having on their target accounts

Ashwath Kakhandiki

VP Marketing


Focused on growing awareness and generating demand for LeanData's industry-leading solution. Ashwath has a successful record of creating and scaling revenue-generating marketing programs. He specializes in multi-touch campaign planning and execution, lead nurturing, and ongoing optimization with a deep understanding of buyer personas and content marketing.

David Walker

Marketo Consultant

Revenue Pulse

A Marketo Certified Expert, David lead Marketo at Alcatel-Lucent and Halogen Software before becoming a Marketo Consultant. While client-side, he was the lead for marketing analytics, lead management, email marketing and CRM administratation. Now, he's focused on helping clients leverage Marketing attribution reporting to understand what drives pipeline & revenue.


Attend this session to discover unbiased findings on the best source of Marketing Attribution data - and how to use that data to take meaningful action.